LECS UK’s Dave Cooper received a CIBSE President’s Commendation at the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2021.

This year a special case was made to recognise the authors of a series of Covid-19 guidance published by CIBSE entitled ‘Emerging from lock down’. The series included Safely reoccupying buildings; Re-commissioning of lifts and escalators post-lockdown; Ventilation guidance; and Occupancy and use of lifts.

CIBSE President, Stuart MacPherson, said that the award recognised those who “worked tirelessly to update the guidance to reflect current research, public health information and, subsequently, to adapt to changes in Covid-19 restrictions”.

The guidance has already been downloaded 65,000 times, and is updated as new research and information becomes available.

Eur ing Dave Cooper is a member of the CIBSE Lifts Group and was appointed to the CIBSE Board in May 2020.