We are finally there! The lift has now been tested and handed over. We have encountered some setbacks over the many weeks we worked on this project, not least a constantly flooding pit (now cured). The lift also needed a completely new safety gear and governor system which have now been fitted. Muchas gracias to Fredrick at CTV.

The generosity from my lift industry colleagues and friends has been extraordinary. It would be difficult to single out any one individual to thank however I must mention the following people and companies without whose assistance we could not have completed the project.

In no specific order but all equally important and generous:

  • John Bancroft, Jordan Bancroft, Oliver Later & Liam Taylor all of Premium Lifts
  • Richard Armstrong, Michael Craddock, Sarah Niven & all the team at Shorts Lifts
  • Mike Barton, Adrian Crane & Nicola Davidson – Classic Lifts
  • Daniel Williamson – DSW Solutions Ltd
  • Matt Davies & Gemma Greenway – Avire Global Memco
  • Sean Mulvihill & Paul Jackson – Reropes Ltd & Jackson Roping Services Ltd.
  • Mike Vanderstock – Bradford Lifts Ltd
  • Luke Smith & The team – MD Construction Ltd
  • Chris Moore – Elevator Equipment Ltd
  • Liam Raftery – Caledonian Lifts Ltd
  • Steve Potts & Dean Paterson – Stannah Lift Services Ltd
  • Lyn Williams – TVC Ltd
  • Glyn Jones, Tina Jones, Paul Turner & Ford Bottomley – Triple A Ltd
  • Fredrick Von Maltzahn, Edward Vandewalle & Gabriella Osto – CTV Lifts (Spain)
  • Robin Eden, Bruce Eden & Terry Mexson – Hydrax
  • Gareth Watkinson & Richard Whiteley – Omnia Vinyl Ltd
  • Liam Cousins & Tom Duke – Surfex Coverings Ltd
  • Dean White & Nick Chapman – A&A Electrical Ltd
  • Ben Lewis – JCW Lifts
  • Simon Brown & Manchester City Council – Parking Dispensation
  • Dave Cooper & Lee Dean – LECS UK Ltd
  • Martin Canning & the team – PEW Electrical Distributors Ltd
  • Adrian Firth, Ken Chappell, Lisa Scanlin & Suzanne Lisle – Ascendant Lifts & Escalators Ltd

Special personal thanks go to my industry colleagues, David Brown, Francis Brown, Liam Brown, Scott Crossley, John Bancroft and Dean Patterson. All putting a massive shift over the summer and helping me over the line with this project. All superb engineers.

We also had so many other kind offers of help all received from our industry via a myriad of lovely people. There may come a time when a similar project comes along and we can revisit the offers made. Thanks to all who responded.

I could write an entire book on how this journey began and ended however without the introduction from Jenny Lea of Bruntwood I may never have had this opportunity to lead our industry into collectively giving back to The Samaritans. The Samaritans are an unbelievable organisation; I have learnt such a lot whilst being in the presence of some wonderfully dedicated people. Finally, thanks to Zahra Bailey (endless brews and kindness) and the directors of Manchester Samaritans.

Samaritans Manchester lift project

So, to the techy bits; We have replaced:

  • The entire control system all associated wiring
  • Tank, pump, oil, seals, valve & pipework
  • Landing and car indicators and pushes
  • Safety gear & Governor
  • Re-linished and realigned the guides
  • Replaced door operator
  • All new landing door running gear
  • Car threshold safety edge
  • Suspension and governor ropes inc. all anchorages
  • Re-lined the lift car interior & new COP
  • New car flooring
  • Relined the landing entrances (Kitchen floor is in Stainless Steel) all others in 3M vinyl.
  • All new pit equipment inc. ladder, prop, buffer, stops and governor return pulley.
  • Refurbished pit pumps.
  • Tanked pit & painted shaft.
  • LED shaft lighting.
  • Car top control
  • New car ceiling, lighting & emergency unit
  • Autodial and GSM Unit
  • New guide shoes and rollers
  • Cradle to grave maintenance included.

All of the above courtesy of the lift industry in the UK and Spain.