Transforming Lifts in Busy Healthcare Settings

DECEMBER 2020: Four NHS trusts have instructed LECS (UK) to provide independent engineering consultancy - advising on a range of vertical transportation projects across key hospitals in the South East of England.

These include NHS hospitals in Crawley, Hastings, Eastbourne and Bognor Regis. Work will cover passenger lifts, bed lifts and special theatre lifts.

LECS (UK) is advising the NHS trusts to ensure these lift projects are accurately specified, comply with the latest safely standards, provide long term reliability and are perfectly delivered within budget.


Lee Dean, associated director at LECS (UK) said: “These NHS sites want independent advice that can be trusted - without any bias towards one provider, manufacturer or installer. When using public money it is absolutely crucial that the decision-makers are confident that the advice is truly independent and that they are not being ‘sold to.'

As an independent lift and escalator engineering consultancy, LECS (UK), is considered best placed to undertake condition surveys, advise on solutions, provide reliable budgets, tender the works to suitable contractors and deliver the project through to completion.


Lifts within hospitals are the vital arteries of the building - allowing patients, staff and visitors move around these often very complex hospital estates safely.

Making it simpler to move vertically through a building is the obvious solution, however, stairs, particularly in healthcare settings, are useless to patients who are seriously ill or need to be moved in a wheelchair or on a bed or stretcher.

This is where lifts come in - and most hospitals will have a large number of them, whether they are for visitors, bed-bound patients, or facilities management use. Passenger lifts and bed lifts are used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and so it is essential that they operate efficiently, reliably and, importantly, safely.

LECS (UK) provides independent engineering consultancy on the vast range of modern lifts available, as well as the options of refurbishment or modernisation of existing lifts within healthcare settings. It also develops specifications, provides CDM services and project management from tender through to handover.

This ensures a good outcome - where patients and staff feel comfortable and safe, building managers are happy by operating with maximum efficiency and low power consumption and finances are spent wisely.