Project Description

LECS UK was brought in to provide independent lift engineering consulting advice during an extensive refurbishment project at Bournemouth International Centre’s NCP.

The project involved the complete refurbishment of two passenger lifts, each with 13 persons/1000kg capacity. These passenger lifts service a six-storey car park with the capacity for 644 vehicles.

Led by consulting engineer Lee Dean, LECS UK advised on a refurbishment, rather than a replacement, programme specifying anti-vandal lifts compliant with British Standard EN81-71 Category 2.

Dean said: “In public unsupervised places, like carparks, additional protection against vandalism and other damage is important. These EN81-71 category 2 lifts incorporate additional robust finishes and components to help ensure increased durability and resilience.”

Refurb of Anti-vandal lifts NCP BournemouthLECS UK developed the detailed specification for the lift refurbishment project, managed the tender process and oversaw the project right through to commissioning. Lift & Engineering Services Ltd was the contractor selected for the project.

To comply with Category 2 of BS EN81-71, the lifts included all the features of category 1 plus additional features outlined in category 2 – as follows:

  • Premium vandal resistant landing and car doors and assembly systems
  • Heavy duty car with vandal resistant lighting
  • Toothed landing control cabinet key
  • Strengthened material used for both interior and exterior components
  • Tamper proof emergency doors
  • Double skin door panels
  • Reinforced door track sills
  • Minimum stainless-steel car
  • Hidden car ventilation
  • Class 1 push buttons
  • IP54 Protection
  • Screen to protect landing displays
  • Protective indicator lenses
  • Protective car lighting lenses

CATEGORY 2 (as CAT 1, plus)

  • Double skin car and landing doors
  • Adequate resistance against access by unauthorised persons
  • Tamper proof car door operator and locking device
  • Increased shaft width (200mm) for recessed door detector
  • Extended key for landing doors
  • Galvanised car floor tray to retain fluids
  • Patterned stainless steel car
  • Exclusion of car hatch
  • Minimum grade 304 stainless-steel car and doors
  • Class 2 flame resistant push buttons
  • Intruder alarms system on any cabinet & inspection doors
  • Security system to prevent opening of landing doors
  • 2 Hour battery back-up for alarm system
  • Pictogram on main floor showing secure location to de-activate alarm
  • Alarm de-activation instructions in secure location

The project was completed on time and to budget.