Project Description

A bespoke lift design, manufacture and installation, from concept to commission was completed at a private residential property.

LECS UK worked alongside the architects and contractors to achieve ‘the dream lift’ for this private home.

Lee Dean, of LECS UK consultant lift engineers said: “This project was an incredible one to be part of. I am proud to have handed over such a fantastic looking lift that will provide a reliable service for many years.”

LECS UK’s engineering lift consultants got to work, alongside the architects, to design and engineer a lift to fit the brief.

The lift was manufactured in the UK to LECS UK’s specification.

Its sleek design features frameless glass entrances, under driven doors and an overall sophisticated, minimalist look.

From concept to commissioning, this bespoke lift project highlights the lift engineering expertise of the LECS UK team in delivered a high-end luxury lift to a magnificent private residential property.

For this project, the LECS UK team was led by Lee Dean.