Project Description

LECS UK’s expert consultancy advice was sought by a busy NHS trust in the matter of a large lift at the hospital.

The lift, that serviced two floors at Buckingham Community Hospital, was becoming unreliable and didn’t meet accessibility requirements. Following a full survey and review it was determined that the structural elements of the original installation were in a good condition but the control and hydraulic systems were becoming problematic, so LECS UK advised the hospital to embark on a modernisation project to rectify the issues.

LECS UK developed the detailed specification and associated tender, that included the landing and lift car entrances, as well as the controls and hydraulics.

On behalf of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, LECS UK managed the entire tender process appointing the subcontractor for the project.

LECS UK also acted as ‘authorised engineers’  in line with the requirements of the Health Technical Memorandum 08-02, that sets guidelines on planning, commissioning, design, maintenance and operation of lifts in the healthcare sector.

Led by Michael Ford at LECS UK, the fully modernised lift is a direct acting hydraulic, eight person/ 630kg lift that was recommissioned in March 2024.

Michael Ford said: “Reliable and robust lifts are a key necessity of all NHS trusts.

“For this particular project, it was important that the entrances and car interior increased the accessibility for all users, while also satisfying the very specific guidelines in HTM 08-02.”

The appointed lift contractor was Elevators Ltd, using Fermator Premium and Hydroware components.