Project Description


LECS UK was instructed by Real Estate Management Ltd to advise on a passenger lift at a unique multi-tenanted commercial building in London.

Located within a gated mews in a quiet row of Georgian houses just north of Holborn Circus, 26- 28 Ely Place was recently the subject of a full refurbishment. The existing lift that served six floors was a traditional traction lift. Installed circa 1960 there was a desire for an upgrade to newer lift technology.

LECS UK advised changing the lift to a new machine room-less (MRL) lift. This was to provide a more energy efficient option, economise on space and still deliver a high-performance solution.

MRL lifts are the perfect solution for buildings like this – bringing a raft of benefits to include:

  • Saves space – offering architects and designers a lot more design freedom to create an aesthetically pleasing and operationally efficient building.
  • Building cost savings: The elimination of the machine room leads to lower construction costs. In addition MRL lift technology uses smaller motors, that, in turn, downsizes the necessary power supply. This further lowers construction costs.
  • Energy savings and environmental impact: The gearless motors typically use 40 to 60 percent less energy than traditional traction or hydraulic motors. Also contributing to the energy efficiency of the MRL is the lower starting current required. The PMSM uses just 30 percent to 40 percent of the energy of comparable traction and hydraulic motors.

Led by consulting engineer Michael Ford, LECS UK carried out the planning, tender and procurement phase for this lift project, and also oversaw the construction and installation stage. Following the procurement stage LECS UK contracted Elan Lifts Ltd, Ziehl Abegg, and Meiller to deliver the project. This included a New Lift controller, a Ziehl Abegg machine and Meiller entrances.

Michael Ford said: “In addition to our technical lift consultation, LECS UK brings its experience and knowledge to enhance a range of aspects for each project we work on.

“Every project is bespoke and for this particular project we found, during the survey stage, that the guide rails were in very good condition for their age. A decision was made to retain these guide rails for the new MRL lift. This resulted in less steel being required for the project helping to limit the amount of embodied carbon and also providing further cost savings for the client.

“In addition, access to the existing machine room had been difficult – with a small access hatch and ladder setup. As a result of the new installation the access issue has now been removed. This enhances the longer-term safety of engineers servicing and maintaining the lift.”

Work started at the end of July and was completed at the beginning of the October.

Ford of LECS UK, said: “Ely Place was a terrific project to be involved in. Delivered on time and within budget by a great team. Thanks to everyone who worked on the project with professionalism and attention to detail.”

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