Project Description

LECS UK, leading independent lift consultants, was instructed by Gb Partnership to advise on the refurbishment of crucial lifts within the NHS.

Crawley Hospital, founded in 1961 and part of the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, had a number of older lifts that were experiencing some issues and in need of attention. The team at LECS UK was brought in to advise on a modernisation programme for six passenger/bed lifts – one duplex group and one four car group.


LECS UK, under the leadership of director Lee Dean, advised on a lift modernisation programme, developed the specification for the project and acted as lead lift consultant throughout the 14 month project.

Lee Dean, director at LECS UK, said: “Heathcare facilities are buildings where lifts are subject to specific requirements mostly governed by the Health Technical Memorandum 08-02 (HTM 08-02).  The HTM 08-02 outlines a set of guidelines on the planning, commissioning, design, maintenance and operation of lifts in the health sector so LECS UK was ideally placed to consult on the project.”

To minimize building disruption in such a critical environment and reduce inconvenience for patients and staff at this busy hospital, the programme was carefully staggered. Part of this included retaining the fundamental steelwork such as guides, counterweights, slings and machine rafts.

The modernised lifts, fully compliant with the latest HTM standards, are now back in full operation providing the hospital with improved service in terms of speed and most importantly, safety and reliability.

Lee Dean said: “We are delighted to report that the modernisation programme also brought additional benefits. The energy efficiency of the lifts has been vastly improved plus the lifts run close to 10 percent faster than their previous iterations.”

The lift contractor, Elan Lifts, worked in conjunction with LECS UK, with LECS UK acting as independent lift consultant in line with the requirements of HTM02-08. Morgan Sindall was the main contractor. The project was completed in July 2022 within programme and on budget.

Dean said: “The team on this project was fantastic, specific thanks goes to the engineers installing the new equipment to the highest standard while being flexible in such a sensitive environment. The suppliers, that included: Thyssen, NEW Lift, Ziehl Abegg, Meiller, Avire, Dewhurst, Safeline, VG & Bode, all provided quality product backed by superb customer service.”

HTM 08-02 also provides supporting information that can be used in specifications for manufacturers, procurement contracts and the briefing of design teams. Intended principally for new installations, it can also be applied to upgrades. It is updated regularly to reflect major changes to European directives, UK acts and regulations as well as the BS EN 81 suite of standards.

LECS UK is an award-winning team of highly qualified and experienced independent consulting engineers. The team specialises in lifts, escalators and all forms vertical transportation.